Wholesale PPE

You can easily buy wholesale PPE products directly from us at KCMO Mask at low rates that are shocking. All wholesale order quantities must be larger than ten thousand units or pieces to qualify for special pricing benefits. Keeping safe in today’s trying times has never been more important, but you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for protection. When you shop with us at KCMO Masks, you can always expect great low rates on top of the line products that are readily available. Check out our wholesale protective face masks varieties today!

Top Options for Wholesale Personal Protective Equipment

As one of the top PPE wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, we proudly offer many options to choose from. Our selection of wholesale safety PPE items will surely meet your needs, no matter how large they might be.

  1. Disposable Ear Loop Protective Masks – These single use protective masks can be used daily in a number of different industries and sectors, such as healthcare or food service. There are fifty masks present in each box at a price that is less than thirty dollars. With wholesale pricing, you can save tons of cash on our everyday low prices. The non-irritating mask is lightweight and easy to breathe through, but it still provides adequate protection from airborne viruses, germs, and bacteria. The nose wire is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for every individual. Three durable layers of quality protection make this a prime option for everyday use that is comfortable and efficient.
  2. KN95 Protective Face Respirator – Our team of personal protective equipment wholesale distributors highly recommends our KN95 protective face respirators. These masks are created using five safety materials that effectively filter air pollutants, like allergens. Approximately ninety five percent of all potentially harmful non-oil based airborne particles are successfully filtered using this respirator mask. To ensure a comfortable fit, the nose wire on each mask is adjustable. These single use masks are ideal for daily use, as they are free of adulterants and irritants.
  3. Face Shield – We also offer face shields as protective equipment for workers on the frontlines. The shields we offer effectively provide protection from splatters, droplets, and sprays of any kind, such as sneezes. Not only do these items offer full protection of the face, but they are also adjustable for comfort. When compared to the comfort of other mask options, face shields were the preferred option of most daily users. Since the shields are designed for all head types, they can be worn by multiple types of workers for long time periods.

Wholesale and Retail Face Masks Available

At KCMO Masks, we are dedicated to providing the ideal customer experience for our clients. Going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction is what we do best at our top of the line company. If you are interested in learning more information about our masks or our prices, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Give us a call today at 816-226-7306. Our team looks forward to serving you!