Wholesale Disposable Masks

Are you paying retail prices on large mask orders? KCMO Masks Co. sells wholesale disposable masks, with some of the best prices you’ll find online when shopping for disposable earloop and KN95 masks. If you’re not content with paying high prices or are tired of your mask supplier running out of product when you need to place an order, stop by our website to see what we have to offer you. Buying disposable masks in bulk has never been this easy- or affordable.

5 Reasons to Purchase Wholesale Disposable Masks From KCMO Masks Co.

1. Our prices on wholesale PPE are unmatched by our competition: Disposable earloop single-use masks are just $900 for 1,500pcs. Feel free to contact us for custom orders on earloop masks, KN95 masks, and face shields. We’re confident that we can meet your supply needs while keeping you under budget.

2. We sell to individuals, organizations, and businesses. Whether you just need a single box of 50 masks or a truckload of masks, we can fill your order while eliminating the stress. If you need a small number of boxes for your family, our 50-count boxes are the best way to go; however, if you need masks for your large church, corporation, retail store, or gathering, it’s not a problem for KCMO Masks Co.- simply place a wholesale order and save on masks. Disposable face mask wholesale prices are the best way to save on our products.

3. Our masks are designed for comfort, with an adjustable nose wire that makes it easier to breathe when you have to wear a mask for a long period of time, such as a workplace environment. High elasticity means you won’t have to keep pulling at your mask in order to relieve tension; our masks are also suitable for sensitive skin. Why wear a mask that is constrictive and uncomfortable when we have the best disposable face masks for sale?

4. Quality at a Bargain. Wholesale disposable face masks are not all created equal. The good news is you don’t have to compromise quality in order to save a few dollars- we can offer you the best of both worlds at KCMO Masks Co. You’ll notice the difference in our products the first time you use one of our masks- and you won’t be content with an inferior product in the future.

5. Pick-up or delivery. Are you close to our KC, Missouri location? Arrange for a pickup to save time. We ship to all 50 states, with minimum turnaround between the time you order and the time we ship your wholesale disposable masks.

Procure retail and wholesale facemasks at KCMO Masks Co. when you order online or call our customer service helpline at 816-226-7306. Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions about our company or our products- we’re happy to assist you with product selection, as well. Keep our website bookmarked for fast & convenient ordering when you need to resupply masks or face shields.